Lagan Lip Saver - 2 pack

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Developed in 2015, the Lagan Lip Saver is designed to protect the lower lip of single reed players. Sharp or crooked lower teeth can cause significant pain during gigs and long practice sessions (even with a perfectly developed embouchure). Common solutions used to include EZO denture cushions, folded medical tape, or expensive guards made by dentists.


The LLS is custom molded to the players teeth in the comfort of your home and will last for years without deteriorating. It can be washed and disinfected with mild soap and lukewarm water, and unlike some of the previous solutions, the LLS will stay securely on your teeth while speaking or even switching to another instrument such as flute or a double reed for the pit player. One of my personal favorites is the firmness of the LLS—it smooths out sharp teeth while still being firm under the lip, so the embouchure is not negatively affected like some of the other, spongier solutions.


Each Lagan Lip Saver comes with a small storage container to store inside your case. The 2-pack exists for a few reasons; the simplest is to have a backup LLS that you might leave in your desk or studio in case you lose the first one. The other reason is to have further options in customization, combing the 2 pieces to have a thicker cushion for your bottom lip, or extending to cover more teeth.

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