Silverstein Anti-Slip Pad

  • $10

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  • The Anti-Slip Pad is for orchestral musicians who must quickly change instruments.
  • The Anti-Slip Pad prevents slippage even in extreme torque.
  • The self-adhesive pads can be mounted on any type of mouthpiece.
  • It can also be attached directly to the bottom of T-frame ligatures.
  • The pads are compatible with all models of A and T-frame Silverstein ligatures. (See pictures for mounting directions.)
  • There must be at least 2mm clearance between your mouthpiece surface and the highest position of a ligature bridge.
  • If your ligature fits very tightly even when the screw is loosened, the pad may not work.
  • 2 pads included. (1 black and 1 clear)
  • The Anti-Slip pads are designed to help prevent slippage of ligatures and scratches for those who need to change instruments in the middle of live performances. However, they also slightly dampen the vibration, which may lessen the resonance and response. We recommend this pad to Orchestral musicians only.

    Please note that this pad is included in all T-Frame Silverstein ligatures.

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