Meyer New York Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Meyer New York Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

  • $190

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The popular NY (New York) Meyer mouthpiece for Alto sax is being introduced by JJ Babbitt in commemoration of our 100th anniversary. A favorite among players, it is now back due to player requests.

This is the original free-blowing NY mouthpiece with superb control and playability. It fills a niche to complete the Meyer lineup and will enable saxophonists from students to professionals to achieve what they’ve been looking for – in both sound and comfort – while performing. It’s a great value, too!

Player comments:

“They nailed it! I will probably retire my Vintage Meyer and switch to the NY.”

“Astonishing projection! Much more than any alto mouthpieces I have ever played.”

“It exemplifies the best characteristics of the unique Meyer sound and playing experience.”

“They’re centered, easy to control, vibrant, colorful, and flexible for a rich sub-tone in the low register and screaming lead alto in the upper register.”

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