Yanagisawa SWO10 Soprano Saxophone

Yanagisawa SWO10 Soprano Saxophone

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In the new WO Series, the Yanagisawa SWO10 features a dual neck design (straight & curved) with range to high G. This model replaced the previous S991 model. The new Yanagisawa SWO1 features the following improvements over the previous S9 model:

  • New WO Series Soprano Bore Taper & Tonehole Design
  • New Brass Alloy unique to WO Series Sopranos
  • Added Mass to Dual Necks for a more Centered Tonal Core
  • Raised Left Hand Palm Keys
  • Redesigned High F#/G Key Cluster
  • New Right Hand Pinky Key Design
  • New Backpack Style WO Series Soprano Case

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